What is Mutual Admiration from the Asylum Department?  Good question.  Jaki and Lynne met in a writers' critique group and discovered a mutual taste for homicidal humor.  We've been sharing our MAADness in the form of newsletters since 1996, but we have been Baaaad MAADwomen for the past few years. Some of you may have noticed that we haven't been in your mailboxes for awhile.  Now we're going to have to stop going postal and use the net... uh, no, not a butterfly net... the Internet.

ISSUE #16 - SUMMER 2005

[photo]   While Jaqueline Girdner has a third Karma Crime Series mystery, Cruel and Unusual Intuition, just out under her nom de plume of Claire Daniels, she has also taken on the responsibility of chairing the Edgar's Best Novel Committee. Meanwhile, Lynne Murray has begun blogging. No, that's not an annoying personal habit or a new folk dance craze; it's a web log.

We're sad not to be able to continue to visit your mailboxes in a flood of brightly colored paper. But we are still out there Mutually Admiring and hitting the keyboards. Happy trails, and see you online and between the covers -- the book covers, that is!



Jaki Girdner, in her Claire Daniels author hat, has just published the 3rd Cally Lazar mystery:  Cruel and Unusual Intuition. (available from Berkley Prime Crime).   Medical intuitive and healer, Cally, finds herself in a sea of healers at an intensive healers' workshop.  Unfortunately, Dr. Aurora Hart puts out so much negative energy that one of the attendees rigs her stage-show "aura-maker" to electrocute her. More details at http://www.clairedaniels.com


Late in 2004, Jaki made the fateful decision to accept the position of Chair of the Mystery Writers of America's 2005 Best Novel Committee for the prestigious Edgar Award (with the winner to be announced in 2006).  Little did Jaki know just how many books would begin arriving at her home -- causing a once happy relationship with her local courier services to become strained.  They're threatening to make the book deliveries with a dump truck, and Jaki's usual full schedule is overflowing!  She's swamped.

(Meanwhile Lynne is in a bog -- er, blog. See next column.)


Lynne Murray is using a so-called web log to make available frequent doses of her wit and wackiness.  Lynne's blog (where do they get these words?  Why does it sound like you need a toilet plunger?) is called "30 Years Ago Today."  Half of the books come from an orange notebook where, in 1975, Lynne started listing every book she read.  She thought it would be fun to compare the 1975 books with those read during the same months in 2005. http://orangenotebookoflynnemurray.blogspot.com/


Just when you thought we had enough secret identities (MAADwomen, Jaki's Claire Daniels persona), we bring up the Tickle Sisters -- Ms. Amnesia and Ms. Reminder -- whose mission it is to remind aspiring writers (and writers who feel like expiring) to, well basically to Write on!  Tips available weekly, both through a link from our respective websites and as a weekly email. For those who are interested, details are at: http://www.maadwomen.com/ticklesisters/index.html


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