What is Mutual Admiration from the Asylum Department? Good question. Jaki and Lynne met in a writers critique group and discovered a mutual taste for homicidal humor. We're happy to share our MAADness in the form of newsletters to anyone who sends their snail mail address to murraymade@aol.com.

ISSUE #12 - WINTER 2000-01



It's hard to believe, but the MAADwomen appear to have been so consumed by seasonal cheer that they can only scrape up enough venom to commit the absolute minimum of murders to keep their hit list current. This excessive steeping in the milk of human kindness has caused the usually very crusty MAADwomen to assume the general texture and posture of soon-to-be fried French Toast and made for an extremely short holiday newsletter this year. But, never fear, with a holiday infusion of stressful shopping, outrageous traffic, and dysfunctional family fun, we promise to be primed and ready to kill again early in the New Year.

Until then, Happy Trials -- uh, Happy Tails (see below) uh -- Happy Trails, Clues, Fingerprints, and Whodunits until next year!

(Meanwhile under the Christmas tree... tails and whiskers twitching, our cat collective submitted the following story...)


By The Feline Underground

The two intrepid (albeit clumsy and sensorily deprived by cat standards) MAADwomen have been kidnapped by the Federal Witless Program, where they are laboring somewhere in an underground bunker, on the Dark Side of Mystery, feverishly plotting -- well, feverishly plotting, keyboarding and planning fictional murders.

In the tradition of "while the human's away, the cats will play," the authors' cats have purloined their computer mice and are doing some plotting of their own. Of course, all the stories have a certain similarity, involving small but plucky prey succumbing to the irresistible force of feline aggression.

Meanwhile, occasional calls from their mystery-writing owners end with the muttered exclamation, "A hearse! A hearse! My kingdom for a hearse."

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